Everyone wants their living space to be organized so it is easier to find things. Organizing an RV is different from organizing a home because it is mobile. Use these 5 handy RV organization tips that are inexpensive and easy to implement.

Use Hooks and Broom Holders

Install hooks throughout your RV for storing various items. Hooks are helpful in the kitchen for organizing utensils like ladles and spatulas and other items like cutting boards. Hooks by the door and near the bed will keep jackets, sweatshirts, and robes from ending up in piles on the floor. Hooks in the bathroom hold towels and other accessories. Broom holders are great for hanging brooms on the walls but also work well for things like flashlights.

Shoe Organizers

Over-the-door shoe organizers work great for shoes, but they also work for storing other miscellaneous items. Sunglasses, hair clips, bandanas, headlamps, tools, and other small items can be neatly placed in these types of organizers.

RV Organization Tips for the Shower

Keep your shampoo and body wash bottles from rolling around in the shower by installing a towel rack in the shower a few inches above the ledge. Your bottles will be held in place behind the towel rack bar.

Waste Baskets Behind Cabinets

The best place to keep the trash in your RV is behind the under-sink cabinet, hanging attached to the cabinet door. Use a latch on the cabinet door to keep the door from flying open when you go around a sharp turn.

RV Organization Tips Using Velcro

Place velcro strips on surfaces around the RV and corresponding velcro strips on the items that you want to keep in place. This application works well for small things that are easy to misplace, like remote controls.

These 5 RV organization tips are just a few of the many ideas that will help you keep your RV tidy and practical. Implement them before you head out on your next road trip.

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