Easy RV Meal Prep

When you are on an RV vacation, you’ll save a lot of money if you prepare your own food instead of eating out. However, since you have limited space in your RV kitchen for food storage and preparation, you need to be practical when planning for RV meal prep. Here are some tips that will help you make delicious meals easily and affordably.

Plan Your Meals in Advance

You will find meal prep much more convenient if you plan out every meal before you start your trip. You can purchase ingredients that you can use for multiple recipes to take up less space in the small kitchen area. By planning ahead, you’re less likely to waste food or have perishables go bad before you get to use them.

RV Meal Prep in Bulk

RV meal prep is less time-consuming when you prepare dishes in bulk that you can eat for multiple days. Pasta salad, potato salad, and bean salad are good examples of dishes you can make in bulk and eat for several days without them going bad.

Choose Recipes That Don’t Require Cooking

The less you have to use your cooking appliances in your RV, the better. Your RV oven and stove is powered by fuel or a generator, so either way you want to conserve your energy sources. It is best to prepare meals that don’t require cooking as much as possible. Sandwiches and salads are always good options.

Use an Outside Grill

At most RV parks, the sites feature outdoor charcoal grills. Part of the joy of camping is cooking food outdoors. Cooking on a grill requires little RV meal prep. Just have some hot dogs or pre-pattied burgers on hand and a bag of charcoal. Cooking out is a festive way to enjoy your vacation.

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