If you have an RV and live in a cold-weather climate, you may choose to take a road trip south during winter. Going south for the winter in your RV is a great way to escape the coldest months of the year. If your winter plans include going to a warmer climate, follow these tips for a stress-free trip.

Prepare Your House Before Going South for the Winter

Before you head out on your winter road trip to a sunnier climate, prepare your house for the elements while you’re away. Winterize your home by wrapping your exposed plumbing pipes, putting your water heater in vacation mode, installing storm windows, cleaning gutters, and adjusting your thermostat to stay around 50-55 degrees. Activate your security system and put a hold on your mail while you are gone.

Make Reservations in Advance

Winter is the on-season in areas with warm climates like Florida. This means that RV parks are more likely to be fully booked. Make reservations in advance when you are going south for the winter. By taking care of this step early, you won’t find yourself scrambling for somewhere to park and plug in your RV.

Pack for All Types of Weather

You may imagine that going south for the winter means wearing flip-flops and t-shirts every day, but keep in mind that you will experience all sorts of weather on your journey. Pack for rain, snow, cold temperatures, and warm temperatures. Wrap your pipes in heat tape, add antifreeze to your holding tanks, and make sure the heater works. While your destination probably won’t be chilly, you may encounter freezing temperatures on the way there and back.

Get an RV Inspection Before Going South for the Winter

Before going on any long road trip, it is important to have your RV inspected by a professional. You don’t want to encounter any problems and get stuck on the side of the road, especially during the winter. Make sure your RV is ready for the trip and take care of any needed repairs before you depart.

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