The idea of hitting the road to see the country appeals to many people. An RV lets you bring some of the conveniences of home on the journey with you. Often, the investment in an RV is a significant one, but you can save money by purchasing a rig that’s a bit outdated, decor-wise. By spending a little time and money, you can tackle some of these easy ideas for remodeling your RV.

Remodeling Your RV Includes Paint the Interior

Painting the inside of an RV is no small task, but the results will be well worth it. Choose a lighter color to make the space feel larger. If you’re painting over wallpaper or planning to paint the cabinets, sand the surfaces first. This will remove the laminate coating and help the paint to adhere.

Add a Backsplash

In the kitchen or the bathroom, add a backsplash for a bit of color and personality. When remodeling an RV, you want to stay away from heavy materials like ceramic tile. Don’t let this limit your options, though. You can make a backsplash with metal tiles, fabric and Plexiglas, or choose a stick-on option, available online and in local home improvement stores.

Replace the Furniture when Remodeling Your RV

RV furniture is often bulky and covered in out-dated upholstery. Replace your booth-style kitchen table with a more compact, modern version. By removing oversized pieces, you’ll open up the space. Check out stores like Ikea for minimalist furniture that is lightweight and sleek to make your living spaces feel roomy and modern.

New Flooring for Your RV

Many RVs have carpet or vinyl flooring, but wood can make a space look luxurious and modern. Hardwood flooring is too heavy for an RV, but there are quality options that mimic the look of wood. Laminate flooring is simple to install, inexpensive, and provides the look of hardwoods. Another great option for your RV is cork flooring. It’s lightweight and helps to dampen sound.

Choose New Curtains and Bedding

Purchase or sew your own curtains for your RV. You can choose solid colors or modern prints to personalize your space. Add new coordinated bedding and a few throw pillows to make the interior comfortable and cozy. Updated linens go a long way in making the space feel like your own.

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